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Total Protection and Peace of Mind FingerWizard® is such a simple idea it is amazing that millions are not already in use throughout our commercial buildings.

The national rise in health and safety has made it almost a ‘must have’ product with doors being so dangerous and litigation now being commonplace. The risk is real, it has been shown that 3 out of 4 amputations in children ages 4 and younger were as a result of fingers being caught, jammed or crushed in a doorway during the opening or closing of a door.

Why think of FingerWizard®? One reason is simple, to save countless fingers of primarily our toddler age group from being severed from their hands. Sounds dramatic but think for a moment about modern day doors, mostly fitted with self closure devises which will not stop should a child have his or her fingers in the jamb.

Another reason is the way we handle anything that goes wrong in the UK nowadays, we are becoming a country where claims for health and safety are common place, so whether it be on moral or financial grounds, FingerWizard® makes sound sense.

This is no shadow of a doubt a clearly identifiable risk exists and as such should be addressed by the owner occupier with the inclusion of the level of risk to be incorporated into all annual risk assessment studies.

Hangsafe Hooks

Our safety coat hook design is created from polycarbonate plastic making it virtually unbreakable. It’s is the same material used for bulletproof glass and airplane windows.

Our safety coat hook is so strong; we confidently offer a lifetime warranty. If it breaks, we will replace it for free! Ask one of our thousands of customers and they will tell you that even after years of wear our HangSafe coat hooks are still holding strong.

We’re pleased we’ve only replaced a handful of hooks and our customers are pleased they’ve only had to pay for our safety hook once.

Mounted for lasting use. Each HangSafe hook is mounted using stainless steel hardware. We supply two, #14 x 2″ stainless steel screws and stainless steel washers per hook. The fasteners cannot easily be removed by hand ensuring a lasting stay on our HangSafe coat racks.

Each HangSafe hook stands 7″ tall, 1 1/4″ wide, and 3/8″ thick. When mounted onto a coat rail, the hook stands 3 1/2″ above the rack, offering ample storage space for thick coats, heavy backpacks, winter scarves, and even a lunchbox.




How it Works.

Once installed, Dorgard works by listening out for a continuous sound of 65 decibels or higher. 

Once this sound has been identified, after approximately 14 seconds Dorgard will release the fire door and under the pressure of the overhead door closer the door will close, sealing the area and preventing the spread of smoke and fire. 

As Dorgard is wireless it requires no wiring into the building’s main fire alarm system meaning that disruption during installation is minimal and fast. 

When Dorgard is holding a fire door open, it “listens” for the continuous sound of a fire alarm. Dorgard needs to “hear” a fire alarm that exceeds 65 decibels for longer than 14 seconds. At a general noise level of 80 decibels Dorgard will release. 
This facility has been built into the unit as a safety feature. Should the noise level in your premises exceed 80 decibels it is unlikely that you would hear a 65 decibel alarm, therefore the Dorgard releases the fire door to close. 

Unlike electro-magnetic retainers (EMR), Dorgard requires no wiring as it is battery operated and self-contained. Installation is easy, quick and non-disruptive. It is fixed to your fire door with four screws and takes approximately 5 minutes to install. Once you have inserted two C-size batteries (supplied), Dorgard is ready for duty.